Arkansas Man Everett Lee Compton Accused of Having Sex With Donkey

People smoke marijuana for plenty of reasons: to chill, to get a burst of creative energy, to relieve pain, to prep for dinner, etc. — but that’s not the case for Arkansas man Everett Lee Compton, who apparently wants to do “sick things” like bone a donkey when he’s under the influence.
According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Compton is facing charges of bestiality, criminal trespassing and cruelty to animals after police found him hiding in the bushes of someone else’s yard in the early morning hours of July 16. He claims he was out for a walk, but video footage showed otherwise:

The police report states that the officer asked him about the donkeys, and Compton replied that he gave them carrots but did not have sex with them.
After the officer informed Compton there was footage, the 49-year-old reportedly said that marijuana “makes him do sick things.”
Video footage showed Compton feeding a donkey carrots, then covering its eyes, police said. The footage also shows him standing behind the animal and appearing “to have some type of sexual interaction” with the donkey, according to the report. notes there are additional images of Compton getting it on with the donkey on three prior occasions:

The camera then captured images on May 27, June 4, and July 5 of Compton placing a bag over the donkey’s head, getting behind the animal, and “placing his pelvis against the animal’s rear.

Something tells us it’s not the weed.

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