Here’s Anastasia Ashley With Your Miami Flood Report


In need of an actual Miami weather report that will direct you away from heavily flooded areas? Then you might want to visit, or maybe the Miami Herald for insight into this random early-August storm.

Everyone else who just wants to see surfer Anastasia Ashley do her best impersonation of a field reporter, you’re in the right place.

As you can see below, Anastasia was in the thick of things this afternoon and hit the Snap to give us a firsthand glimpse of the downpour causing havoc in Miami — water up to the shin, heavy traffic, stuck cars, etc.

Tropical Storm Emily causing all sorts of ruckus today:

Miami Beach is basically shut down right now likely due to flooding from 5+" and approaching high tide. What a mess.

— Taylor Trogdon (@TTrogdon) August 1, 2017

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