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Phil Mickelson’s insider trading buddy gets 5 years in prison

I feel like we don’t talk enough about Phil Mickelson’s insider trading scandal (if you even want to call it that because nobody talks about it). Everything Tiger does is put under a microscope meanwhile, Phil was out there scamming the system. I’m still not totally sure how he avoided trouble, but his buddy here got himself a nickel in the clink: A Las Vegas gambler linked to golfer Phil Mickelson was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison by a judge who said the businessman collected tens of millions of dollars illegally in the stock market to seem like “a winner” to himself and others. The government said Mickelson earned nearly $1 million after Walters told him to buy Dean Foods stock in 2012, profits Mickelson gave Walters to cover gambling debts. The Securities and Exchange Commission cited Mickelson for the trades in a lawsuit, and Mickelson agreed to repay the money. Mickelson was not charged.

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