Bill Belichick Goes Biking, Faryn Corey Goes Out & Mike Vick At The Grocery

NFL training camps open this week

I was reading an IG posted by a gambling expert that I am friends with on here and he mentioned how this week is the end. It’s the end of freedom for the next 6 1/2 months or so. NFL camps open this week and this is when it begins. My nights off go from Saturday/Sunday to Tuesday/Wednesday and by late October or so it will be seven days a week with no real breaks for months. Some of you guys claim you want this life. You want to get up at 6:30, go straight to work on the computer, work until about 4, pickup two kids, home by 5:30 or so, family time for a little bit and then football from 7 until maybe midnight or later. 14 or more hours, nearly seven days a week for 4-6 months. That’s why I have to take off half-days on Fridays in the summer. I’d go nuts with this schedule. Oh and I haven’t taken off a full week of blogging in 10 years. That should give you an idea of how it is to do this work. You’re probably better off at your day job that you hate.

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