Draymond Green And Conor McGregor Are Going At It On Instagram

Draymond Green threw that post up this morning on IG to make sure everybody knows where his allegiances lie in the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor fight. He figured since McGregor was rocking his jersey, he would let everyone know that he was riding with Floyd.
But I don’t think he expected Conor to respond, which is exactly what he did. And now we have ourselves a good, old-fashioned IG war. Conor hopped into the comments to set to record straight, let Dray know that he doesn’t even know who he is and that the jersey isn’t even his.

Is this just more promotion for the fight? Well, there’s a good chance. But I’m going to choose to believe it’s organic. Like Conor woke up, scrolled through IG, saw this, and decided to share his thoughts. Now we wait for Draymond’s response.

Let’s not forget about Floyd… he hopped into the comments too

UPDATE: Draymond has responded

He makes some valid points here

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