A-Rod And Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Party Looked Fun

I still haven’t really wrapped my head around the fact that Alex Rodriguez is dating Jennifer Lopez. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because A-Rod has a decent lineup of A-list celebrities that he’s dated, but it still just hasn’t sunk in yet. I don’t think it really will until they get engaged, which I’ve seen may happen sooner than later.

In the screencaps this morning I said that A-Rod and J-Lo had a date night. Shame on me for not digging enough because it wasn’t just any old date night. The two love birds have birthdays 3 days apart. A-Rod turns 42 on July 27 and J-Lo turns 48 tomorrow, July 24th, so they had a joint birthday party together last night in Miami. Seemed like a decent time.

There was a lot of dancing happening… A-Rod tried not to look awkward

Of course, he incorporated a swing into his dance