Mike Conley: That Light-Skinned Baby Is Mine

The big Internet drama this week has been over Mike Conley’s baby and whether that baby is too light skinned to be his baby. I know, it’s the summer and this is the stuff people think about. I saw the photo tweeted like 50 times over the last 24 hours and never thought the whole story was over the baby being too white.

Now Conley has come out to say it’s his little guy and he’s not nice enough to stick with a woman who hypothetically got knocked up. Hell, it would be real hard to believe Conley’s wife would be cheating on him when he’s sitting on that $28.5M 2017-18 contract. That would be ballsy.

That said, Mike hasn’t posted baby pics and videos like most normal new fathers. Have to take Mike’s word here, but it would help if that baby was already running the point in his nursery. Then we’d know it’s his DNA.

Here’s the tweet that started all of this:

Mr. Nice Guy Mike Conley at it again. He stayed with his wife after she cheated on him and had another man's baby pic.twitter.com/OdgC5KgGSg

— Turf Talk Boys (@Turf_Talk_Boys) July 18, 2017

Mike had had enough and added this to his IG multi-upload:

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