22 NSFWBDs React To The O.J. Simpson Parole News

I’m shocked. Very shocked. Many NSFWBDs want you to know that they don’t give a fucc about O.J. Simpson because he used to not care about the black community. They seem to know that their parents who cheered back in the mid-90s when O.J. was set free were cheering because a black man finally beat the L.A. justice scene, which was rare in those days. Don’t believe me? Go watch the O.J. ESPN 30 for 30. It’s all in there.

Young BDs now see an old man who is irrelevant to their lives. They see just another guy, not the movie star that many of us old enough to remember O.J.’s career saw him as back in the day. Those too young to remember the murder case have zero idea how big O.J. was as a broadcaster for NBC. And they don’t care.

The Juice is loose, but it didn’t move the needle like I thought it was going to move. Times have definitely changed.