Mike Gundy's Mullet Stars At Big 12 Media Days

Mike Gundy is almost 50 and his mullet is absolutely stunning. Fits him perfect. Fits him like Bill Self’s rug fits his head. Or Karl Ravech. It just looks so natural and perfect.
Gundy showed off the majestic hair today at the Big 12 Media Days and it was the talk of the conference.
From NewsOK:

So a year after the mullet first went viral, it was back — this time with a little extra curl, a result of his recent trip to the hair salon.
“It was at ponytail potential at one time,” he said. “So I either had to go with that or trim it a little.”
Despite the trim, his players still love it.
“I like the curl in it,” linebacker Chad Whitener said. “I support the curl, but I don’t necessarily support the trim. He has product in it, for sure.”

I like this part, especially because Bill Snyder is still coaching and mixing it up with these guys. Bill turns 78 in October:

“They like it,” Gundy said. “Bob (Stoops), he liked it. Dana (Holgorsen) wanted me to perm it. Coach (Bill) Snyder just shakes his head at it.”

Now let me make you feel old. That 10-year anniversary of the the “I’m a man, I’m 40” happens this fall. The original YouTube video now has 3.6 million views.

Now I’m starting to feel ancient.

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