Marisa Miller Signs Free Agent Contract With Natty Light

For those of you who were still in elementary or junior high when BC started, there was a period of Internet time when Marisa Miller was a Pageview Goddess. She was undefeated. One of the hottest modeling stars on the Internet and she always seemed to pop up at sporting events. You might remember her first pitch duties at a Cubs game way back in 2008. It’s legendary stuff.
That led to some work with Harley, then I would see her pop up doing some NFL modeling from time to time, then kids and then we didn’t hear from Marisa much.
Now 38, Miller is back and…it’s with Natty Light. I know, wasn’t expecting this news.
From the Natty marketing team:

Although a Miller, supermodel Marisa Miller has partnered with Natural Light for its latest campaign. In this campaign, Natural Light and Marisa Miller will leverage their partnership to answer to Miller Lite who announced they will be challenging drinkers to blind taste tests.
Announced today, the partnership between the supermodel and this challenger brand will feature Marisa in a series of digital content appearing across the beer brand and Marisa’s respective social channels throughout the summer and fall. As you can see in her first video here, Marisa ups the ante by stating, “My name might be Miller, but I prefer to act ‘Natural’ – Natural Light that is.”

It’s a bold strategy from Natty since most of the people already drinking Natty were in 4th grade or so when she threw out that first pitch. However, maybe the play here is nostalgia. Miller takes guys turning 40 back to their college days and reminds them what it was like in 2008.

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