Faryn Corey IS BACK With A New Beach Photo, Deuce Gruden Lands Giant Cuda & Brett Favre On A Tractor


Why am I enjoying the World Series of Poker on ESPN again?

Something weird happened Friday night. I spent like 2 hours sitting on the couch watching the WSOP on Day 4 with like 500 players remaining. For some reason it was interesting again. I’m not sure how I could go like 8-10 years of not caring after the whole Moneymaker era and then all of a sudden caring again. Maybe I just needed a night off from caring about anything in the world. Idk.

Numbers from :

Aaron Judge is 1 of 3 players with multiple HR robbed this season.

The other two are Jason Kipnis & Andrelton Simmons #statnightcap

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) July 17, 2017

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

@bustedcoverage what the fuck is this? pic.twitter.com/Zrz2WwWRMr

— Max Von Sydow (@BMSmith6969) July 16, 2017


@laurenraab I thought you would appreciate this sign at the Brewers game pic.twitter.com/zkAvTPYaK7

— Megan Davies (@megwdavies) July 16, 2017

@bustedcoverage Happy Gilmore's original caddy looking to loop at the American Century Championship in Tahoe pic.twitter.com/XvnP2LYCSN

— lanaevoli (@lana_evoli) July 16, 2017


Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre pic.twitter.com/bivOHPJIwP

— Stu (@RandBallsStu) July 15, 2017

@bustedcoverage I spotted Batman at the grocery store checking out the deals on chicken fajitas. pic.twitter.com/nEqIJrPzb6

— Jorge Escalante (@GDS1981) July 16, 2017

Dominique got jacked since retiring..🤔@bustedcoverage pic.twitter.com/aFOym0ajva

— matt middendorf (@MiddeMatt) July 15, 2017

@bustedcoverage saw this shirt at chipotle pic.twitter.com/Yksq58nCzw

— aglassman (@Theglassman87) July 15, 2017

Coincidentally ran into this fella. No idea who he is though. pic.twitter.com/of2jq0RFK2

— Rob Feeney (@RobFeeney2) July 17, 2017

Make your own chrome with tinfoil. Saw this at the beach today. via Shitty_Car_Mods pic.twitter.com/QIIfRFCksO

— shitty car mods (@Shitty_car_mods) July 17, 2017

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