Faryn Corey Has A New IG Photo For You In Case You Just Woke Up From A Coma

Never fails, you guys will click the shiit out of Faryn Corey content. Every. Single. Time. She posts a new IG, I bring back pics from previous posts, create a new post with the new pic, hit publish, tweet it out and you click and click and click. Seriously, can’t get enough. Faryn could go without a shower for a week, be cleaning gutters in a greasy Skid Row shirt and you guys would be boned up.

So here we are — Faryn’s back.

I can’t really tell what she’s been doing this summer besides maintaining a tan, partying with friends and staying low-key on IG Story where I figured she would have a huge 2017 summer. Not so. Things have stayed quiet on that front.

It’s rare to get new Faryn material so go slow here.

Beginning of the night vs End of the night

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