Faryn Corey Has A New IG Photo For You In Case You Just Woke Up From A Coma


Never fails, you guys will click the shiit out of Faryn Corey content. Every. Single. Time. She posts a new IG, I bring back pics from previous posts, create a new post with the new pic, hit publish, tweet it out and you click and click and click. Seriously, can’t get enough. Faryn could go without a shower for a week, be cleaning gutters in a greasy Skid Row shirt and you guys would be boned up.

So here we are — Faryn’s back.

I can’t really tell what she’s been doing this summer besides maintaining a tan, partying with friends and staying low-key on IG Story where I figured she would have a huge 2017 summer. Not so. Things have stayed quiet on that front.

It’s rare to get new Faryn material so go slow here.

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