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I love the Cubs fans who ever cashed in on their 2016 World Series bet

If you’re a Cubs fan last year and you bet the Cubs to win the World Series before the season, then magically they go and do it, you have to keep that slip, right? Unless the payout is something enormous, you keep that thing forever. That’s exactly what a lot of people did (via ESPN): Thousands of bets were placed on the Cubs to win the 2016 World Series, more than double the number of bets on any other team, sportsbooks said. Bookmaker CG Technology, which operates at the Venetian, Cosmopolitan and several other casinos, took roughly 4,000 bets on the Cubs to win the World Series last year. In May, when the 180-day deadline to turn in the bets passed, more than 30 percent of the tickets on the Cubs had not been cashed. That Game 7 win is worth every bit of whatever that slip would’ve given you.

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