My Dogg Tiger Jake Does SEC Media Days In His Tiger Paint Because It Just Means More

You know why I don’t feel bad for Tiger Jake, the Maltese that has been dyed Auburn colors by his owner? Because Jake just takes it from the old codger Auburn fan. Jake obviously hasn’t gotten to the point where he’s run away from home or become such a pain in the ass that the old codger sends him to a new home.
Jake seems to enjoy living the SEC superdog fan lifestyle. Think of all the perks: goes to Auburn home games, gets time on radio row at SEC Media Days, TV time and all the poon in town can’t resist him. I know there will be dog people on social media who’ll say “poor Tiger Jake.” They’ll get all emotional that Jake’s fur has been dyed and they’ll say “how would you feel if your skin was dyed?” Dumb question.
Go ask Tiger Jake about his tough life, or lack of tough life.

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