Ohio Man Gets Drunk, Naked, Takes A Dump All Over Himself, Tries To Sell Candy & Gets Arrested

As an Ohio Man myself, I know Ohio. And I know Middletown, Ohio is a dump — minus the whole Kyle Schwarber connection — where you can find things like Michael Morgan doing what he’s accused of doing Tuesday night. I mean, this pretty much runs the gambit of what it takes from an Ohio Man to get on Florida Man’s level.
The Dayton Daily news reports that he smelled of alcohol. I’m shocked.
From WLKY:

Authorities found Michael Morgan, who was “show(ing) signs of intoxication and was sweating profusely,” according to a police report. The report adds that Morgan had “feces all over his person.”
Witnesses told police that Morgan took off his clothes, defecated on a chair and attempted to sell candy to people.
Neighbors also accused Morgan of masturbating in a home’s backyard, according to the report.
Morgan, who is known to police, was arrested and found with dozens of bags of candy, police said. Authorities said they believe the candies were stolen from a nearby convenience store.

This is now the second wild Middletown story that’s been sent to me over the last 20 days. The last Middletown story was of a drugged up guy who fell on train tracks and somehow didn’t get squashed by a train that ran over top of him. He laid between the tracks and didn’t die.
That town is becoming a hotbed for Ohio Man material.

Here’s 17th Ave. in Middletown – in 2013.

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