Prisoner Calls ‘The Herd’ and Burns Kristine Leahy


In an effort to prevent my brain from exploding, I usually stay away from all the talking head shows unless it’s Stephen A. Smith ranting on the Knicks and/or corrupt boxing officials. However, an exception will be made today because this clip of James from Kansas City calling “The Herd” is absolute gold.

You might be wondering how a video featuring Jason Whitlock could be labeled “must-watch”. Well, James from KC was unlike most sports radio callers as he was dialing in from jail, which means he didn’t have time for small talk and just wanted to get his question in. It took a minute for co-host Kristine Leahy to realize what was going on, and James wasn’t having it:

Kristine definitely wasn’t expecting to hear about LaVar Ball today:

James’ first purchase when he gets out of the slammer, probably:

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