Chandler Parsons Out Here Hooping in Short Shorts


Last month Chandler Parsons told Memphis media he’s been working out four to five hours a day this offseason, and that his left knee is “totally pain free”. This is obviously fantastic news after playing just 34 games last season, but something tells us grumpy Memphis fans need to see their boy in action to believe it.

Fortunately all they need to do is follow Chan Dog on IG to check out his stories, where he’s been documenting his offseason workout sessions at the Lakers practice facility.

Warning: the shorts are very short, like DJ Wilson short:

Here we have Chan Dog killing two birds with one stone — three-point shot on point for the Grizz diehards, and special Ass Cam for the IG models:

Can’t even knock Chandler here, the man knows what he’s doing:

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