I Can’t Believe How Cheap It Is To Take A Family To The MLB All-Star Game


I remember my dad surprising me in 1990 with Reds World Series tickets to Game 1 at Riverfront against the A’s. The tickets were $40 face. I seem to remember my dad saying he spent like $50/per. I remember thinking we were going to lose the house because dad wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage, but this was pretty much a chance of a lifetime and he wasn’t playing games. Two tickets, couple Kahn’s dogs at the stadium and a couple drinks.

Throw in some gas for his old Ford F-150 and he probably had a total of $135 or so wrapped up in watching Cincinnati history.

Seriously, those $40 tickets were the closest my family ever came to holding a winning lottery ticket.

Anyway, that brings me to Tuesday’s all-star game in Miami where a single 300-level ticket will cost you $280, plus a convenience fee and then a per order fee – to see a meaningless game featuring a bunch of young guys you’ve never heard of before.

It gets better.

Are you the kind of dad who can’t possibly take the family to the game — like my dad — without grabbing a couple dogs and drinks? I have good news for you. MLB & the Marlins have a helluva deal for you.

• (4) tickets & parking (actually a decent price on parking) — $1,188.50

• (2) hot dogs combos for the kids (includes popcorn & a souvenir drink!) – $48

• (1) cheeseburger combo for dad – $25

• (1) Italian sausage for mom – $9

• (1) Large premium draft for dad – $15

• (1) Regular premium draft for mom – $12

Total: $1,297.50

It’s good to see MLB keeping things cheap enough so a family can get out to catch the brightest stars of tomorrow. Grow the game one day at a time.

Surprise the fam & get them tickets to the ASG…you’ll be sitting in top level

You want to feed them at the game? Terrible business decision, but you only live once so do it up, dad

You could get 9 ASG tickets together as of 2:25 p.m. EST

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