Alexis Ren Has Done It Again, Buy Tupac’s Last Home & MMA Mismatch Of The Century!


Wimbledon! Cycling! A little KEXP thrown into the mix during the workday. Then maybe a little golf this afternoon. Maybe some baseball. It’s Friday in July and your energy level is back to normal after a couple of quiet days to get healed up from the 4th. Now it’s time to get your ass back out there and go strong. Hit those bars, drink that vodka.

Let’s check in with Alexis Ren’s ass!

Savage AF…Florida station shows gator eating a guy on live TV

You can buy Tupac’s last home

Minor league manager goes off the deep end on ump, grabs mask

MMA mismatch of the century…look at the size difference with these chicks

Soccer coach puts up this giant screen so his players can see all their issues with ease

This Florida Man was hiding a machete in a removable cast, was dealing meth

Here’s Adriana from Delaware

Catch of the Week

Burger of the Day

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