Bartender Calls Out Andre Roberson For Tipping $13 On A $487 Bill After Signing A $30 Million Contract
The average sports fan may not know who Andre Roberson is, but he just signed a 3 year, $30 million contract to stay with the OKC Thunder. The NBA die-hards out there know he’s a lockdown defender, and the average Joe¬†might be wondering¬†how this dude is about to make 30 million dollars. That’s where the NBA is at these days.
When you sign that kind of contract, you’re obviously going to throw down with your boys. So Andre hit up his local bar and got himself a nice $487 bottle of whatever. Then he tipped $13 to round it out to $500 and that’s where things get hairy.

Now normally I’m conflicted on these because I hate when people tweet out receipts and call out athletes/celebrities/whoever for their bad tipping, but on the other hand, not tipping your bartender well is a frugal ass move, especially as an NBA player (also, he should double check his math next time).
Before you go on saying that this it total bullshit because this guy obviously created a Twitter account just to post this, Roberson actually responded to this dude. So it’s definitely real.

I’m jumping on Team Everyman today and saying just tip the guy well if you’re a millionaire athlete living in Oklahoma. It’s not a big deal.

Not exactly Gregg Poppovich level tipping


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Scottie Pippen Wishes a Happy Birthday to Larsa Pippen
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