Old Rich Guy Steals Wimbledon Match Towel From Irish Kid, Kid Gets Last Laugh

You know what I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years of running Busted? I haven’t seen some rich old timer stealing a sweaty Wimbledon match towel from a kid in the stands. This is a first. And it doesn’t shock me a bit. We’re deep into the Asshole Era. You shouldn’t be shocked. Your buddy on Twitter shouldn’t be shocked.
Old Rich Guy is used to getting what he wants in life. You think he’s giving up that sweaty towel to some rich white kid who ties his sweater around his waste? No fuccin way, bro.
The good news here, as reported by The Guardian, is that the kid has made contact with Jack Sock, the American who threw the towel. The kid is from Ireland and went home without a towel, but this has now turned into a tennis industry marketing opportunity. The kid is going to get a towel from the U.S. Open, the Australian, French and Wimbledon.

There is a happy ending. Sock’s appeal resulted in the teenager, who has not been identified, making contact with the player and a substitute towel – and an invitation to future matches – was being swiftly dispatched by the player.
Mary Jane Orman, Sock’s agent, said: “The boy messaged Jack directly on Instagram and is from Ireland. He has gone home now but Jack invited him to his matches and said he will send him a towel.”

The Old Rich Asshole might’ve gone home with Sock’s towel, but in the end the kid won the day. That’s just the power of social media, you Old Rich Asshole.
What are you gonna do with that towel anyway, ORA?


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