Florida Woman Yanks Meth Bag From Her Butt At Jail, Sticks It In Her Mouth & Starts Chewing


Summer…Summer…Summer…gotta get yourself some help before you go full zombie and die from this garbage. You’re so down and out that when you’re getting arrested, you need a fix so bad that you’re slamming bags of meth that were stuck up your ass into your mouth and chewing it like it’s your last fix.

That face tells me everything I need to know.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Summer Nicole Adamson, 30, of Bonita Springs, had been pulled over when someone reported she broke a car window, WBBH reported. That’s when deputies say they found a syringe and heroin.

During a search at the jail, deputies say she then grabbed the bag of meth, put it in her mouth and began to chew it, according to WBBH. Adamson faces five drug-related charges and remains in jail on $22,000 bond.

I’m not saying this is rock bottom because I have no idea where rock bottom is, but it sure has to be close. I guess the ultimate rock bottom is when this garbage kills you. Get it together, Summer.

Here’s Summer in April…hmmm, filtered?

No date on this Summer arrest mugshot, but it sure looks recent:

Summer in 2012…theft arrest:

Summer in 2011…no info on the arrest:

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