Lea Michele Won’t Stop With Vacation Photos, ARod-JLo Fireworks & MLB HRs Are Way Up


Hope you have outside plans because there’s not much to watch from the world of sports today. Fox has the end of the U.S. Senior Open and CBS has the final round of the Quicken Loans tourney. There’s the normal baseball you don’t care about and a couple of soccer matches on FS1. I’ll probably catch a Tour de France Stage 2 rerun and take a nap at some point this afternoon.

Lea Michele can’t stop taking vacation snaps

ARod-J Lo really heating up

Wisconsin prostitution gone wrong: stabbing, two dollars in quarters, edible panties and a 70-year-old man

Clint Frazier’s mom choked up over his 1st HR

Yes, MLB HRs are up…WAY UP

Taylor Swift is on Team Russell Westbrook

Florida Man in big trouble after greyhounds test positive for coke

Here’s Allison from San Diego State U.

Arena League Catch & Pitch of the Long Holiday Weekend

Burger of the Weekend

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