Faryn Corey Seems To Be Having A Fun 4th Of July Weekend


I was talking to L.A. James tonight on chat — he’s busy working a typical BC workday — about how I probably should’ve just taken the whole day off since the Internet is pretty much closed down with all the corporate bloggers on vacation. Not BC. We have to work. Gotta keep the lights on. Gotta pay the bills.

So we’re going to test how many of you idiots are online tonight. It’s Sunday, you’ve already been drunk three consecutive nights. Let’s see if any of you are taking off a night. This will be a pageview test. And I’m bringing in the big guns — Faryn Corey. Pretty sure I first posted her back in March and since then you guys are pretty predictable. You’ll click the shiit outta Faryn content.

From what you can see, Faryn seems to be enjoying her 4th holiday. According to her IG Story she’s posted up at some Bridgehampton house where there’s a bro beer pong fest going on in the pool.


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