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Buy This Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Bus — $9,000


via Craigslist

Huge news, Seahawks fans. The party bus known as “Bussell Wilson” has officially hit tailgate free agency after four years with its current party. This is obviously a shocking development considering we’re just a month away from football season, but hey, if you need a ride this is the way to go.

via Craigslist

We usually clown on 12s here at BC HQ, but we can’t knock the current owners enticing prospective buyers with a fake press release ad — details from the Craigslist ad:

“Bussell Wilson” is a 1996 short bus that we purchased in May of 2013, and according to a local source, “there’s a growing belief among Seattle Tailgaters” that the Bussell Wilson Ownership Group and Bussell Wilson have decided to part ways due to contract negotiations thus making Bussell a Free Agent. Bussell said that he would like to go to a loyal tailgater or group of tailgaters that he has had the pleasure to host over the past few years. However, he is open to any and all new offers. Throughout his career, Bussell has played in over 40 tailgates including multiple playoff tailgate appearances, rushed for 225351 miles, emptied over 50 full kegs of beer, and cooked up countless meals with his grill that is attached to the trailer hitch. The BW Owners are asking for $9000 for Bussell which includes all tailgating gear.

Perhaps Bussell’s representation would be open to a cheaper, incentivized deal of some sort? It’s worth asking, though they’re already throwing in all the tailgating gear you’ll need.


via Craigslist

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