Meet Faith Jewkes – Girlfriend Of Clint Frazier

Clint Frazier, without those luscious red locks, is going to be making his MLB debut tonight after the Yankees called him up to replace Dustin Fowler. Fowler made his MLB debut Thursday night, but tore up his right knee in the first inning. That paved the way for the Baby Bombers to call up their #2 (or #3 depending on where you’re looking) prospect to the bigs.
You might recognize Frazier from some of the controversy he’s had with the Yanks. Apparently, he didn’t originally want to cut his hair to abide by the Yankees’ stupid rules and there were reports that he wanted them to un-retire Mikey Mantle’s #7 for him. Brian Cashman said it wasn’t true, but who knows. All I know is this kid has the kind of personality to be a star with the Yankees. He hit .257 with 12 homers and 42 RBIs in triple-A this year, but he has untapped crazy power. Now he just needs a cool red headed nickname.

I don’t normally recommend 22-year-olds who just got called up by Yankees to have girlfriends. Just doesn’t make sense. But I’m going to let it slide and introduce you to her anyways. Let’s meet Faith.

She’s a former Wofford track athlete

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