Danny Ainge's Son Apparently Doesn't Want Gordon Hayward To Sign With The Celtics

That guy above is Danny Ainge’s son Tanner, who is a politician currently running for House of Representatives seat in the 3rd district of Massachusetts. He also has a nighttime gig as enemy #1 to his father.
I don’t know what the Ainge’s father-son relationship is like, but I don’t think Danny is down with his son reminding Gordon Hayward that millionaires now have to pay higher taxes after this law was passed:

What a turn of events!

So what exactly is the law?

According to MassLive:

The Massachusetts Legislature on Wednesday voted to pass a constitutional amendment raising taxes on income over $1 million. The vote, which came after three hours of debate, marked the first step in a long process that could change the tax code through a 2018 ballot vote.

The proposed constitutional amendment would raise the tax rate by 4 percentage points on income over $1 million. So if the flat tax in 2019 is 5 percent, someone earning $1.3 million would pay 5 percent on the first $1 million of income and 9 percent on the next $300,000.

Millionaire tax and children sending him letters… maybe Gordon will stay in Utah

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