Buy Raul Ibanez's Mansion That Doubles As A Sports Complex — $4.5 Million

Remember when you were a kid and you would dream up your fantasy house for when you grew up? You’d say things like wanting a giant house with the backyard as a baseball field and basketball gym off the to the side. Maybe a playground with a ball pit and a big ass freezer with an endless supply of popsicles? Then all your friends who you eventually drifted away from high school could come over and play all day?
Well, that’s basically what we have here with Raul Ibanez’s house that’s located in a Seattle suburb. It’s the house every sports-loving boy says he wants when he grows up.
Details from the realtor:

The Pinnacle of Northwest Living at this acreage estate with unrivaled amenities. Endless spaces to entertain indoors and out. Enjoy the professional level sports complex with a workout gym, basketball court and batting cage. Take a swim in the indoor pool. Relax in the spa. Enjoy evenings with friends in the theater. A completely private setting with lush landscaping, manicured gardens and barn. This prestigious residence is just minutes from highly regarded schools, dining and shopping.

But somehow, it actually has more. I don’t even think a kid could create this house in his own brain. That’s how insane it is. Taking the actual living quarters out for a second, this thing actually has sports complex building with a batting cage, basketball court, a gym area upstairs, and in this same yard, a goddamn horse barn. Now add in the house with a movie theater, indoor pool, a sweet outdoor patio area and you’re literally living like a king.
Also, it’s only $4.5 million. Steal of the century.

More features from Raul’s house

  • beds / baths / 7,700 sq. ft.
  • You’ll also get a massive fish tank near the living room and kitchen
  • You don’t just get an indoor pool, its basically a personal spa
  • 13 miles to Whole Foods
  • 18.8 miles to Safeco Field

Mortgage: you’re looking at about 20k/month before loads of maintenance you’ll need to pay for 

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