Blue Jays Fan Who Threw Beer at Hyun Soo Kim Banned From MLB Games

Last October, Blue Jays fan Ken Pagan momentarily ruined Canada’s friendly reputation when he lobbed a beer can at Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim during the AL Wild Card game. In case you don’t recall this bad moment in sports fandom, Pagan actually came pretty close to nailing Kim:
Pagan, a former sports reporter, faced justice for his actions on Wednesday as he was hit 12 months probation — details from The Toronto Star:

Pagan was given a conditional discharge, which means he will be spared a criminal record if he complies with his 12-month probation.
The Crown had sought a criminal conviction, arguing it was needed to send a message of public deterrence.
Under terms of his probation, Pagan must perform at least 10 hours of community service a month.
He is also barred from attending any Major League Baseball games. The Blue Jays have already banned him from the Rogers Centre.

What has Pagan been up to since the beer throwing? Well, the report notes he has worked as a pizza driver and janitor so yeah… you could argue that the man has been punished enough.

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