Columbia Man Arrested After Driving his Volkswagen Through Mizzou Arena

23-year-old Columbia man Nathaniel Conant is in some trouble after allegedly driving his Volkswagen Passat into Mizzou Arena for a little hardwood joyride on Sunday.
According to the Daily Columbia Tribune, Conant, who works as an events assistant, caused around $100K in damages after driving through gates, damaging golf carts, and scratching up the court a bit — details from the report:

University of Missouri Police Department Maj. Brian Weimer said police arrested Columbia resident Nathaniel J. Conant, 23, when Conant came into the department Sunday afternoon. Weimer claims Conant drove a Volkswagen Passat through a closed gate on the south side of Mizzou Arena early Sunday and then entered the basketball stadium by driving through a loading dock door. Conant damaged at least two golf carts while driving around inside the stadium before leaving through the same loading dock gate, Weimer said. While driving from the property, Conant rammed through the press gate near the stadium, Weimer said.

Mizzou Arena should be no stranger to sh—tshows considering their men’s basketball team went 8-24 last season and lost 16 conference games.
As for Conant, he was slapped with multiple first-degree property damage counts and second degree burglary.

The Mizzou Arena damage pics you came to see:

Looks like the men’s squad still got a practice in today:

[protected-iframe id=”8e322375301bb44049d7f881194f6443-22577676-53282995″ info=”” width=”500″ height=”580″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
[Main image via spops_43/IG]

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