Washed Up NBA Players Already Dropping Like Flies at the ‘Big3’


On paper Ice Cube’s “Big3” basketball league seems like the perfect type of programming to get NBA diehards through the summer. 3-on-3 competition featuring the likes of Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, Cat Mobley, Kwame Brown and Hakim Warrick? Yes, please!

However, after day one of competition it appears Cube’s league may have one major Achilles heel: injuries. I know, I know… who could have seen the bodies of over-the-hill ballers breaking down after years away from the game? Crazy.

Today’s infirmary list includes one of the league’s major draws, White Chocolate, who went down with a non-contact injury:

He’ll be out two weeks, minimum:

Former Clipper Corey Maggette also went down, which shocks nobody (Clippers curse, duh):

As did Kenyon Martin with a hammy issue:

Pray for these old ballers, people — they somehow need to make it through August.

Assistant Editor of Busted Coverage. Based in Los Angeles.
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