The Cubs Wives And Girlfriends Took A Group Trip To Miami

You want to know what it takes to win a World Series? It doesn’t just come from the players and their chemistry on the field. You need to have the entire organization from top to bottom on the same page. From the owner to the front office to the vendors to the ushers to the players and to the players’ wives. That’s how the Cubs won the World Series. Chemistry throughout the club.
You might expect some drama between the Cubs wives and girlfriends because that’s just what happens. You’ve watched the reality shows, you know what it’s about. But the Cubs WAGs are having none of that. In fact, they get along so well that they took a group trip to South Beach right in the middle of the season. This is a winning formula, people.
Let’s take a look a some of the photos:

Vanessa Montero… wife of Miguel Montero

Nette Smith… fiancĂ©e of CJ Edwards

Gina Grimm… wife of Justin Grimm

Jess Bryant… wife of Kris Bryant

The rest of the ladies on the trip are rocking private accounts, but you get the picture. First class organization breeds first class players who have first class wives and girlfriends.

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Meet Cara From Arizona State
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