Cody Bellinger Doesn't Know Who Jerry Seinfeld Is

The internet is freaking out over this clip this morning and you know what, I don’t blame them. Cody Bellinger went on SVP’s SportsCenter last night and the topic of Jerry Seinfeld came up, probably because of Brandon McCathy’s mega-viral tweet from the other day. Turns out Bellinger basically has no clue who Jerry Seinfeld is and you can actually watch SVP’s brain melt as he’s hearing it.
Stuff like this is going to continue to happen, people, so just be prepared. Even if there’s really no excuse for Bellinger not knowing who Seinfeld is, seeing as it’s been syndicated for like 20 years now, these younger dudes in pro sports are going to continue not knowing the 90’s nostalgia that we love.

Although it does make sense. He was only 2 when the final episode aired


For good measure, his teammates did roast him a little bit


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