D’Angelo Russell’s Ex-Girlfriend on Nets-Lakers Trade: “L O L”

No lie, when Adrian Wojnarowski reported that D’Angelo Russell was traded for Brook f—king Lopez just so the Lakers could get rid of Timofey Mozgov I squealed a little bit. Now Lakers fans know just how Clippers fans feel whenever Doc Rivers decides to pointlessly give away assets all willy-nilly — yes, I’m petty AF.

And apparently so is D’Angelo’s USC volleyball player ex, Niki Withers, who took to Twitter shortly after the Woj bomb to drop a nice “L O L”:


— Niki Withers (@nikia) June 20, 2017

Of course that tweet got the attention of sensitive Lakers snowflakes…

Pretty sure Niki is pre-law so she’s probably going to be just fine in life, salty Lakers fans. She did include one last parting shot:

USC volleyball just gained a fan, no doubt.