Here is the Cavs' David Griffin Statement in Comic Sans

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As you might have heard from NBA Twitter, the Cavaliers kicked off draft week by parting with GM David Griffin. This may seem like a questionable move considering the Cavs are trying to trade for pissy Paul George or Jimmy Butler for Round 3 against the Warriors, but hey, Dan Gilbert obviously knows what’s best.
According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Gilbert and Griffin “couldn’t agree on the future” of the team, whatever the hell that means:

But Gilbert is one of the classiest owners out there, so he promptly dropped a statement thanking Griffin for his tenure:

Find that tough to read? No worries, the AP’s Tim Reynolds did everyone a solid by typing out the statement in a more reader-friendly font — Comic Sans!

No doubt I just wanted to post the OG Comic Sans letter again:

via The Mary Sue
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