That's Paul Casey's Hot Wife Pollyanna Woodward On His Cellphone Case

Well, now we know Paul Casey has a photo of his hot wife, Pollyanna Woodward, on his cellphone case and appears it’s a photo going way back to 2013 when Pollyanna, a British model and show presenter, put out a lingerie calendar. Pollyanna is known for her work on UK shows The Gadget Show and The Wright Stuff before becoming Mrs. Casey and making a new life in Arizona where she’s now sitting by the pool with baby No. 2 on the way.
She said this in 2016:

What’s it like watching Paul?
“I get so anxious and nervous watching him. Especially because I understand the game. I just want him to do amazing and play how I know he can. I really feel it when he doesn’t hit the shot how he wants. I can even tell by the way he walks how he’s feeling.
It’s actually draining! I will get up and go to the course with him regardless of his tee time and do the whole day. I can’t sit in the clubhouse, I need to live every shot. People think it’s an easy life, but it feels like being at Bootcamp!”

She’ll be at home this week while Paul walks around with her in his bag.
I have mixed feelings about the whole wife-on-the-phone-case life. On one hand, you’re proud that you worked your ass off all these years to be successful and have a smokin’ hot wife; on the other hand, you don’t want to seem insecure that you have a hot wife. You want to play it cool and not come off as a d-bag trophy hunter.
Paul clearly wants you to know he’s now impregnated an insanely hot Pollyanna twice. Can’t really argue with that.

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