Intruder Invades Lions Practice and Demands Tryout

Lions minicamp got a little interesting this afternoon when an “intruder” attempted to get onto the Lions’ practice field and yelled at players:

A disturbed individual got to the edge of Lions practice field during today's practice demanding a tryout and yelling at random players.

— Justin Rogers (@Justin_Rogers) June 13, 2017


via ESPN

According to The Oakland Press, players and staff were never in any danger as team security apprehended the intruder and escorted him off the property. However, they did include an interesting note as to what the man might have been yelling about:

Fox 2’s Sky Kerstein was one of the first to see and hear the man as he approached the gate. Kerstein alerted the Lions media relations staff. Kerstein said he heard the man repeat the word “Allah” before entering the gate.

After he entered, the man was babbling about playing linebacker and at one point yelled, “Yo, 59.” (Tahir Whitehead wears No. 59.)

Before people spazz out, not everyone heard this person yell “Allah!”:

A man broke into Lions practice today.He was escorted out. There are a few reports he yelled "Allah." I was there & never heard him say it.

— Michael Stets (@Michael_Stets) June 13, 2017