The Houston Texans Cheerleaders Had A Picnic Pool Party & The Weather Looked Amazing

Is it wrong that I’m getting to the Internet age where the Houston Texans cheerleaders hold their inaugural summer picnic and all I keep thinking about is how great the weather looks in Houston and how nice the landscaping is at the picnic house? I’ve gotten so clinical with this stuff. I start looking at all the ornamental grasses and flowers around the pool. I start looking at the shade tree situation. The mulch beds.
I have a friend who was hired at Playboy to develop a SFW site years ago called the Smoking Jacket. I remember him telling me that at some point you just become clinical at work. The boobs start to become run-on sentences. You become numb to it all.
That’s how I am with posts like this from the Texans cheerleaders. There are some of you young guys who’ll go nuts thinking how you’d get turnt at that picnic and go nuts. You’ll eventually get to my age and understand what I’m talking about. Sure, you’ll still have poon on the brain, but you’ll primarily be fascinated by the landscaping in that yard because you’ll have a yard and want to pick up tidbits to transfer to your yard to kick your neighbor’s ass and his yard.

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