Ohio Man Chuck Norris Faces Jail Time For Cutting A Teenager During A Game Of Pool

Bad boy Ohio Man Chuck Norris is in some legal hot water over a March pool game gone bad when he allegedly cut a teenager on the hand.
I’m going to go out on a limb and say the teenager got cut when he tried to grab quarters that were laying on the pool table signaling who had the next game. Again, this is just a hunch. I grew up near where Chuck cut the teenager. I know those pool halls very well. One wrong move in one of those places and you can get shived at any moment.
And when your name is Chuck Norris, you obviously don’t take shit off anyone.
From the Early Bird:

Charles “Chuck” Norris, 59, of Wayne Lakes faces jail time for cutting a juvenile on the hand with a pocket knife on March 11 during a game of pool.
After originally facing a second degree felony count of Felonious Assault, Norris entered a guilty plea Monday in the Darke County Common Pleas Court to an amended count of Aggravated Assault (F4).

Ohio inmates might be getting a real bad ass as a neighbor here real soon. The only issue I see here is that jail can’t possibly stop Chuck. Might have to put this guy in the hole so he doesn’t kick more ass.

See any resemblance?
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