Steelers Kicker Chris Boswell Got Tossed From Game 5 Of The Stanley Cup

I see that the Steelers are trying to keep up with the Titans when it comes to playoff hockey shenanigans. The Titans O-line has the belt right now for the wildest NFL players/hockey fans because they’ve been known to chug a few beers and pop the top off up in their luxury box.

Now the Steelers are looking to join the party and last night, while the Pens were emasculating the Preds to the tune of a 5-0 blowout, Chris Boswell was banging on the glass and getting booted from the PPG Paints Arena. It’s a good start, but they’re going to have to take it further if they want to win over the internet like the Titans have.

Steelers O-line needs to step it up

This is how you do it

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