JJ & The Girlfriend, Ric Flair & Usher, Plus JJ Redick At Disney World


Ahh, the NBA Finals have been so great…blah, blah, blah

Did you actually watch the final two minutes of Game 3? Did you see how LeBron never took a shot while Kyrie tried to out-dribble and then step back three the Warriors to win it when the Cavs were down one and he’d been doing all his damage when driving to the basket? That was not a great ending to Game 3. The only thing saving this garbage series is the shooting of Golden State. We’re going to get one decent game out of four because the Cavs are going to come out hot in Game 4, the Warriors will withstand the early run and then pound a team that won’t want to fly back to Oakland to get pounded in Game 5.

The NBA season can’t end fast enough.

Numbers from :

4th Quarter in 2017 NBA Finals
Durant James
Points 31 11
FG 10-15 4-11

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 8, 2017

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

When that post game weed is fire pic.twitter.com/kDKsvWgm7M

— Busted College (@BustedCollege) June 8, 2017

@bustedcoverage Andrew Wiggins spotted in CLE Chipotle before game 3! pic.twitter.com/vChsM250xH

— theLBH (@LBHinAVON) June 7, 2017

@bustedcoverage JJ Redick just enjoying Disneyworld pic.twitter.com/HK91FrX8Dv

— Chris Stills (@cstills23) June 7, 2017

Womp Womp. Another bad typo pic.twitter.com/PAPkeuQoYQ

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) June 8, 2017

Huge if true pic.twitter.com/68GdC9C3Op

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) June 7, 2017

Gator is ready to #DefendTheLand pic.twitter.com/uisxJdhEjl

— Sarah Allis (@sarahallis_) June 7, 2017

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