Introducing Lindsey Kevitch, ARod Ex-Girlfriend Drama & TV Stations Getting Bold


I suppose you’ll want to watch Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. I never thought the NHL season would go longer than the NBA, but here we are with at least two more to go between Pittsburgh and Nashville — Game 6 is Sunday in Nashville. Meanwhile, the NBA will be over once the Cavs roll over and die Friday night at home. You’ll also get the St. Jude Classic today at 4 on the Golf Channel.

Uhhh, Lindsey Kevitch

You’ll never guess who owned the car Derek Fisher crashed

ARod has major ex-girlfriend drama

Michael Rapaport begging to get his ass kicked in Cleveland during Finals

UK invites Courtney Love to football practice

TV station making reporters pay for gas in news cars, get reimbursed

This Florida Man stole a purse at a funeral

Here’s Katie from U. of Tampa

Steph & KD’s Moms Enjoying The Finals Video of the Day

Steph and KD’s moms are hyped after the Game 3 victory against the Cavs.

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) June 8, 2017

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