Looks Like Trent Richardson is Doing Plenty of Bowling These Days


Trent Richardson may be known as one of the biggest running back busts of all time, but that’s not the case over in Alabama, where he’s still a god despite four dumpster fire years in the pros. That’s just how it is when you help lead Bama to two national titles.

As you can see from the photos above (and below), it’s like Trent’s NFL career — and domestic violence arrest — never happened.

When Bama fans see a 26-year-old, washed up Trent bowling at Oak Mountain Lanes they don’t get sad and think, “This guy should should be entering the prime of his career”. Nope. According to some guy in Bama championship gear, there’s a “bright future” ahead:

Obviously that could still be the case for Trent, but it won’t be on a football field.

Here are more Bama fans interrupting Trent’s bowling sessions:

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