Zeke Elliott With Kylie, Jay Cutler Sunday Funday & Man Down After Game 3 Of Stanley Cup

The dirtbag who stole a tip jar at a Vegas teriyaki joint has been caught

I mean, if you’re going to steal from a restaurant at least have the balls to ask for cash from the register. You’re getting like $15 out of that jar.  From the Las Vegas Sun: A woman was arrested and faces a charge of petty larceny after she was caught on a surveillance camera stealing the tip jar from a Las Vegas restaurant, according to Metro Police. The woman was seen waiting inside at the Teriyaki Madness on Decatur Boulevard near Tropical Parkway. She allegedly asked an employee for a sample, and when they turn around she snatched the money-filled jar and walked out of the store.

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Davidson just knocked out #2 seed North Carolina and made the Super Regionals…they only have 3 scholarship players

— Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) June 5, 2017

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Too much Stanley Cup Final @bustedcoverage pic.twitter.com/lk6dzZ4Ehx

— Rick Merritt (@R1ckterScale) June 4, 2017

@bustedcoverage @NoLayingUp Bubba Watson on the par 5. Crowd formed a perfect lane to hit thru pic.twitter.com/BaOAtAoPZl

— Brian Halvorson (@cheeks245) June 5, 2017

Cover the Hooker!! pic.twitter.com/giUd2CtGsz

— John Godfrey (@JGodfr8y) June 5, 2017

@bustedcoverage KD and LeBron at universal studios orlando pic.twitter.com/poGp6vn5Iu

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24 years and still going strong with My love @alihwy41 thanks for the shirts @bustedcoverage pic.twitter.com/6y3lMTjfSI

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Chad chillin' in retirement on the islands mon! pic.twitter.com/qRWOTLPnWE

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Friend took this. Trump, in full golf attire, dining with Peyton Manning and Corker after a round of golf in VA today.

His 23rd golf visit. pic.twitter.com/7QJoBaxMp8

— #UnapologeticBitch (@isabellegirlxo) June 4, 2017