WATCH: Minor League BaseBrawl Features A Player Firing A Ball Point Blank At Someone’s Head


I’ve been complaining all year, well really for many years, that baseball players are too soft when the benches clear. They act tough, everyone runs out on the field and nothing ever happens.

Now something actually happens and I gotta say, this dude might haveĀ taken it just a little too far. Fists flying and body slams are fine, but when you start trying to peg dudes in the head with a baseball, that might be over the line. That’s what happened in this minor league fight between the Dayton Dragons and the West Michigan Whitecaps.

Things got awfully spicy tonight between the Dayton Dragons & the West Michigan Whitecaps.

— 120 Sports (@120Sports) May 29, 2017

Let’s just keep itĀ fair, people. I want to see more fights in baseball, but I’m officially declaring weapons as a no-go. Be a man and use your fists.

A closer look at the bean ball

 dayton dragons west michigan whitecaps GIF




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