Mallory Edens Makes Sure To Dunk On Bill Simmons For His Bucks GM Search Tweet

I’ve been a fan of Mallory Edens ever since she burst on the scene on lottery night a few years back, and yesterday I became a bigger one after this savage response she had to Bill Simmons.
If you didn’t know, the Bucks need a new GM. If you used to read Simmons back in the day, which I’m sure you did because everyone did, then you know his history of trying to get the Bucks GM job. He wasn’t totally serious about it, but kind of was at the same time. Now that the job is vacant again, he put out this tweet.

Seems pretty harmless. He even tagged Mallory. But out of nowhere she came back with the quickness and dropped this hammer.

Get it? Because ESPN fired Simmons.  Respect through the roof for Mallory. And that’s not a knock on Simmons, that’s just a great joke.
He played along, though.

And the Bucks had the same response a lot of us did.

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