Meet Linda Grinfelde — Girlfriend of Latvian Center Anzejs Pasecniks

Which random international player will the San Antonio Spurs steal in this year’s NBA Draft? Will it be Jonah Bolden (Australia), Jonathan Jeanne (France), or perhaps 7’2” center Anzejs Pasecniks (Latvia)? Early money seems to be on Pasecniks considering ESPN is already pumping rumors:

“[Spurs general manager] R.C. Buford isn’t going to that game to see Edwin Jackson, with all due respect to Edwin,” Pick said. “He’s going to see a prospect who you’re going to stash somewhere and bring him back when everybody’s sleeping. And all of a sudden, and down the road, this guy is a six-time All-Star.”

Draft Express currently has Pasecniks going 27th to the Brooklyn Nets, so you already know there’s a real chance they f—k that up. Here is the Latvian’s scouting report video:
Off the court, the 21-year-old stash prospect is dating Linda Grinfelde — check her out in the gallery above.

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