Props To The 12 Year Old Japanese Girl Who Choked Out Her 24-Year-Old MMA Opponent


How do I know Japan MMA is LIT? They let 12 year olds fight 24 year olds and then the 12 year old wastes little time throwing a choke hold so deep on the 24 year old that the opponent goes OUT.


• 12 year old is named Momo

• 24 year old is named Momoko Yamazaki

• Yamazaki came into the fight with a 2-2 record

• This was Momo’s MMA debut

• Momo weighs 86 pounds

• Momo was giving up about 9 pounds in this fight

Conclusion: You think Momo takes any shit off of her 6th or 7th grade (no clue how the Japanese school system operates) classmates? Picture on of those classic after-gym fights going down in some public Japanese school. Some new to school hood rat starts shit with one of Momo’s friends. The hood rat throws the first punch, but that was clearly the wrong move because Momo’s right there to beat the shit outta the hood rat.

Trust me, you want to get close to Momo before entering high school. Vet move.

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