Phil Simms Is Selling His New Jersey Mansion & Might Make A Few Dollars Off This Sale

Phil Simms is out of the main CBS seat on NFL Sundays — thanks to Tony Romo — and now he and wife Diana are about to be out of their Franklin Lakes, NJ mansion if someone will pony up $8,250,000 for their pad. That’s right, it’s $8.25M and it might be the most impressive athlete house we’ve ever posted from the east coast. The couple paid $1,550,000 for it in 1999 so they’ll probably make a couple bucks when it sells.
This place went up for sale on Friday and the New York media hasn’t caught wind of it. Remember that when this house is on the front of the Post by Monday or Tuesday.
From Phil’s realtor:

Spectacular private oasis on approximately 19.5 acres with private lake. Patios, pool guest house and some much more. Incredibly situated and set back from Old Mill. Large rooms throughout. Master suite with private baths, study and fireplace, views abound throughout. Living, dining and family rooms perfect for entertaining. Country kitchen with large eating area and a private breakfast nook. Wonderful opportunity to vacation at home. Guest house with two large rooms and full bath currently used for an office. One of a kind setting and home!!

You know how often 19.5 acres of New Jersey in-town property 23 miles from Yankee Stadium comes up for sale? Not often.

Highlights of Phil’s dream estate:

• 7 beds, 10 bathrooms!
• LOOK AT THAT POND! I picture Simms out there slaying the bass after a long day of cutting the grass on his John Deere
• I’m a sucker for private estate hedges…Phil’s place has nice hedges
• 7 miles from Whole Foods (in NJ traffic)
• 30 miles to Rick’s Cabaret…quick private car ride
Mortgage: About $31,500 a month before you get into paying NJ taxes, hiring a maintenance crew, maids, pool boys

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