Jace Peterson Autographs Poster of Him Punching Jose Bautista

As you might have heard, Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista offended some pillowy soft Braves players on Wednesday after pimping a home run he launched against Eric O’ Flaherty. The old-timey baseball handbook states that Jose should have just put his head down and swiftly run the bases like a good little boy, but instead he dared to entertain us with one of his bat flips:

Said softies of Atlanta weren’t about that life and chirped away at Joey Bats as he ran the bases — career .235 hitter Jace Peterson was one of those players:

Pretty much the same tired BS that happens whenever Bats flips the bat, but one Braves fan was apparently all about it and photoshopped Peterson slugging the outfielder:

I’ll give the fan credit. It’s definitely a unique piece of history from this random Jays-Braves interleague rivalry no one will remember.

Can’t talk about Joey Bats getting punched without showing this:

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